Siobhán has heard the one about the antiques dealer.

Radio Times: Siobhán has heard the one about the antiques dealer.

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  • The Hathaways are settling down to a quiet breakfast à deux until Jason arrives and manages to get a full English cooked for him! Siobhán doesn’t really mind so much if it means he’s happy and gets their extension done in a reasonable time.
  • Everyone (Jason, Eddie, Neil, Sid, etc.) seems to have tried to tell Siobhán the story of Nelson and his colourful past.
  • Eddie’s planning to raise a posse to beat through Leaders Wood to find the boar – even offering to get a round in if they don’t succeed!
  • Susan’s proud of her sister for her “promotion” at the dairy (it’s even become “Temporaru Manager” now!) and won’t hear of Neil pleading Clarrie’s case, nor will she find much support for Janet’s participation in the Jubilee 2000 march for debt relief, she’s thinking that countries should try to be a bit more like the Carter household and buckle down if they owe a bit.
  • Helen doesn’t particularly want to listen to pleas about Clarrie’s case either. Clarrie wonders why it is that Tracy got the nod over her when she blatantly is less experienced than she is. She tries to point out to Helen several mistakes that Tracy made yesterday (and which Clarrie caught) but when she admits to a single error that’s enough to balance things out for Helen, who doesn’t want to listen to Clarrie’s protests that Tracy’s flow diagrams were Susan’s work and that Colin (who was once Tracy’s teacher!) doesn’t like taking orders from her, either. Earlier she told Eddie she wouldn’t go behind Helen’s back to Pat or Tony but ….