Robin expresses some strong and unwelcome views

Radio Times: Rex is pushed out and Brian’s frustrations grow

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  • As Rex shows his father the pig enterprise, he meets with sneering and disdain. Robin finds the whole thing quite beyond the pale. He continues to sneer, firstly at the Grange Spinney houses and then at Justin’s development. They encounter Ruth, who is less than effusive when she sees Robin, who claims to want to visit Jill. When Robin learns that Rex is an employee and not owner of the pig business, Robin remarks that such work is unbefitting a Fairbrother, and suggests that Rex take a job with one of Robin’s wine contacts. Rex firmly rejects the idea, and is then asked when Robin is to meet ‘Araminta.’
  • Brian drops Ruairidh off at Brookfield just as Robin calls in search of Jill. Robin greets him with much false charm – he is unable to recall the names of Brian’s family, it seems. He asks how Home Farm is doing, an enquiry which Brian neatly sidesteps. Since Jill is not around, Robin takes himself off to the still, where Toby awaits him.
  • Brian asks Ruth to reconsider her decision to leave her role as Ruairidh’s attorney, with words which might have come from Robin Fairbrother’s own script. Ruth is unimpressed, but agrees to see how it goes, and offers Brian a cup of tea, which is more than Robin was offered. Brian tells her about the various estate agents who have given valuations; yesterday’s was the preferred one as he praised Jenny’s kitchen. so they will go with him.
  • Toby attempts to defend Rex from his father’s sneering put downs, remarking that Rex is a very hard worker. Robin prefers to call him a dullard. Unfortunately Toby lets slip the fact that Anisha and Rex are no longer together, which seems to infuriate Robin, who claims to have had high hopes of the relationship.
  • Toby chooses his attire for a meal at Grey Gables with Robin. Rex, it seems, is not invited. The brothers briefly discuss Harrison’s stag night, though apparently few in Ambridge are looking forward to the event. At Grey Gables Robin’s pretentiousness is in evidence as he orders. Toby informs him that he is scared of both David and Jill, in case he puts a foot wrong. Maybe there is something I could do about that, announces Robin. I wouldn’t be so sure, Robin.

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