Hannah tells Emma exactly what she thinks and Jill tells Robin exactly what she thinks

Radio Times: Jill smells a rat and Hannah is on the warpath

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  • Jill calls at the tea room where Lynda has, apparently, left a copy of Lolita. Jill will take it to Grey Gables on her way to Aquafit. Susan appears with yoghurt, and Emma renews her whinge about affordable homes.
  • Robin turns up uninvited at Brookfield where Jill makes it very clear that she has no wish to listen to his oleaginous charm. he turns his attention to David, claiming an interest in farming because Rex has embraced it. David offers to take him along when he gets the cows in for milking – as long as Robin changes his shoes. Later, Robin says he would like to call this evening and have a drink with David, who is not altogether keen on the idea.
  • Emma is taken aback by en encounter with Hannah, who turns roundly on her, accusing Emma of sucking up to Lilian and feathering her own nest in order to get an affordable home. Hannah is markedly rude to Emma, who quickly realises that Hannah, too, wants a place of her own.
  • Emma quickly goes running to Susan, demanding to know why she out Neil up to asking Lilian about the new homes. She tells her mother she now sees Hannah as an enemy. What else could I do? wails Susan.
  • Robin calls at Brookfield as promised, with a bottle of Port, and David soon becomes rather mellow. Robin lays on the charm, and seems pleased when David suggests that Toby has proved himself over the birth of Rosie. David goes off to bed, leaving Robin to see himself out. he rings for a taxi, but then Jill comes in. Robin renews the charm offensive, but receives a very clear message in return;others might be fooled by his charm, but Jill is not. He is made of a substance in which the farm is rich. Exit a somewhat chastened Robin, minus his bottle.

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