Harrison’s youthful activities are revealed and Freddie’s drug dealing is exposed

Radio Times: Disaster looms for Freddie and Roy fears for the future

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  • Roy gets ready for Harrison’s Stag Night, but does not seem overly enthusiastic about the jollities that await him. Lexi is even less cheerful; she is trying to avoid Adam after the second failed transfer. Roy suggests a few days away together, but Lexi can think only of her girls in Bulgaria. She wants to spend the summer with them.
  • When Lexi arrives at the polytunnel, Freddie is looking for one of the pickers and not just to enjoy his company, it appears. Lexi apologises to Adam for the failed transfer, and receives a kind response, though Adam is somewhat taken aback when she announces that the third attempt must wait because she plans to be away until mid-September at least.
  • Masterminded by Harrison’s detective friend Kelvin, the Stag Night gets under raucous way, though a few invitees are not yet present. Kelvin insists that before they go for a curry, they should all take taxis to Lower Loxley’s beer festival. Given that quite a few Ambridge males were not looking forward to the evening, the mood brightens considerably. Then Harrison is seized, dressed in his Ginger Spice dress and handcuffed to the gates. He is convinced that Chris gave the game away, but seemingly this is not so. he is finally rescued by Freddie.
  • Lily bursts into Freddie’s room and is appalled to see his stash of drugs. he claims it’s his last ever delivery, as he’s soon off to South Africa, but Lily is not so easily silenced. When Freddie cuttingly asks what has happened to Russ, Lily loses her cool and heads for the beer festival. If Freddie can be a reckless idiot, so can she.
  • Toby leaves early, pleading new father tiredness, when Harrison spots Freddie and asks what is in the bags he is carrying. He tells Freddie that he has reason to believe that he is holding drugs . Introducing DC Ransome, he arrests Freddie on a charge of possession of a controlled substance with intent to supply.

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