Freddie has been charged with supplying but has already lied to the police about his past.

Radio Times: Freddie’s nightmare continues

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  • Lily is furious that Freddie isn’t around to clear up the mess of his room after the drug search. Elizabeth is fed up with her whining. She doesn’t think she can bear it. Lily says it is his own stupid fault. Elizabeth doesn’t know why he did it and none of them even suspected. Lily sounds a bit sheepish but doesn’t admit she did know. Usha thinks they will almost certainly charge him with supplying and that his best chance is to be completely honest.
  • Freddie clearly isn’t taking that advice first saying that they were all for personal use and then saying some of them were for sharing. But Toby has made a statement that he was offered drugs by Freddie. Freddie protests he wasn’t asking for money but the police officer says it is still an offence. Freddie also claims that it is the first time he has done it. He got the pills from a stranger on the street in Borchester. It is perfectly clear the police officer doesn’t believe a word of it.
  • Elizabeth has found out that Freddie won’t be able to return to Lower Loxley even if he is bailed. She calls Brookfield and Lily calls Kenton. Neither of those work out and so Freddie has to stay, much to his disgust, with Shula.
  • Harrison tells Fallon he wasn’t at all drunk. He’d been careful. He is feeling pretty rough after being out half the nigh sorting out Freddie. Fallon thinks it’s quite funny that he arrested him dressed as Ginger Spice. It wasn’t quite how he saw his stag night panning out. He seems to be making a habit of arresting Fallon’s friends and relatives. Of course, it also gives them a problem. Freddie is booked to DJ at their wedding and that is not an option now.
  • When Elizabeth collects Freddie he is in quite a state. He has been charged with supplying. Elizabeth tells him she still loves him but he has to tell her the whole story, however bad. Freddie tells her about Nolly and that he provided the drugs and about Ellis. He said he wanted out but Ellis put pressure on him and it wasn’t easy. Elizabeth is shocked but even more shocked that he has lied to the police. She tells him he must go back and tell the truth but he say he can’t. If he does they will send him to prison.

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