Roy and Pat are told of Helen’s confession – and all is well.

Radio Times: Mike does the right thing.

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  • Yesterday evening was not too bad for Pat and Tony; they spent it with Jack and Peggy. Helen didn’t go: she had felt like being quiet, but she is quite cheerful this morning.
  • Hayley’s breakfast couldn’t be much fresher. She leaves Roy and Mike to cook the eggs they have just collected while she tells Emma about the cancellation: she can have a laparoscopy in four weeks. Mike has not had a good night; he tells Roy about Helen’s visit.
  • Meanwhile Helen is confiding in Pat. She will not go to the police, neither will Mike. But she is going to do something about her state. She doesn’t know who she is any more, so she will seek a counsellor; the doctor will be her first call, although Pat suggests also considering alternative treatments like acupuncture.
  • Roy is annoyed but Mike has more compassion in the light of Helen’s state. He is surprised that Roy is not more understanding and forgiving towards Tom and even more surprised when Roy declares that he wouldn’t have done the same for Brenda. When Hayley returns, she notices the serious atmosphere straight away.
  • By the time Pat takes Tony a flask of coffee he is too cold to hold it. But he is cheered by the news of what has been happening: Helen’s revelations, Mike’s phone call, Hayley has talked Roy round. The main thing is that Helen is seeking professional help. She is so young; she shouldn’t have gone through all that she has. But she will be Ok.

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