Roy finally breaks down when he thinks Tom has slept with Brenda. Phoebe coming back from South Africa helps.

Radio Times: Tom does the decent thing.

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  • Roy is still trying to get back to work – even though it’s the day Phoebe is coming back. He is very snappy with Hayley and is even less impressed when he realises that Brenda hasn’t slept in her bed.
  • He charges up to Bridge Farm and thinks he finds Tom and Brenda in bed together. But nothing happened! Tom tries to calm him down but Roy isn’t listening. He reckons Tom uses any situation to get what he wants – it’s always the same and when his sister is drunk and vulnerable. Tom manages to calm him down a bit and tells Roy Brenda is feeling guilty. Finally Roy breaks down and cries.
  • Phoebe comes back from South Africa while Roy is still out. Phoebe seems to have had a wonderful time and it was great for them all to spend time together. Kate has sent a letter to Roy about Betty. It upsets him again but having Phoebe back helps.

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