Bert is playing Jolene and Sid off against David and Ruth – clearly trying to pretend each won’t give him three weeks off for a trip to India.

Radio Times: Lilian gets a new recruit.

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  • Matt isn’t impressed that Lilian has sent Jade, Matt’s new PA, out delivering campaign leaflets. He needs her!
  • Lynda is shocked to find Lilian’s leaflet now nearly matches her exactly. All the policies are the same. Eddie has the idea that Jade could deliver Lynda’s leaflets as well! An “amusing” misunderstanding ensues as Matt overhears the row between Lilian and Lynda over the intercom. But Lilian tries to encourage an end to Punch and Judy politics. It’s only a week to go after all.
  • Bert isn’t still totally satisfied with his poem. Meantime, Jolene is shocked that David and Ruth wouldn’t let him have the three weeks off that, of course, Jolene and Sid are happy to give Freda!
  • Mike drops in at the Bull after some fishing. He’s feeling a bit better. It’s good to be busy and have friends around him. He visits the Cider Club later. Bert takes the opportunity to read his poem to Mike and Eddie. Eddie warns him about over exposure to all residents in Ambridge!

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