Roy refines his ideas for the falconry. David comes within a whisker of unburdening himself.

Radio Times: Oliver offers to listen and Roy makes plans.

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  • In his dirty overalls, Emma makes it quite clear that Ed is not to pick up his daughter. Oliver is coming over later; he has a present for Keira. He and Caroline had to cut short their little trip because a minor crisis arose at Grey Gables. David arranges with Ed to help with the silage tomorrow but he shows absolutely no interest in Keira.
  • Once Elizabeth has taken the children off to see a film, having first checked up on the day’s events, Roy shows Hayley what he has been working on. Other places with falconry make more of it on their websites; it makes Lower Loxley’s look a bit drab and the services narrow; they have no pictures of customers taking part, just Jessica. They could organise shorter experience sessions and sell vouchers; they would make great presents. Roy will put his ideas on paper and delicately present them to Elizabeth.
  • Lily has noticed that Aaron has now taken over the task of reseeding, instead of David. Elizabeth is economical with the truth about the reason – David is busy at Brookfield.
  • Oliver, en route to coo over the new baby, gives David a hand with sheeting the silage clamp. David is clearly in very low spirits and Oliver encourages him to talk; he is just about to explain about the night Nigel died when Ed calls Oliver away to see Keira, about to go to sleep. Oliver promises to talk to him at a later date but David feels it is not necessary. The moment has gone, the opportunity missed.

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