David is down, Jamie is going down. Jill is in the middle.

Radio Times: Jolene tackles an employment issue, while Jill feels stuck in the middle.

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  • At Brookfield things are grim. David has withdrawn further into himself and Ruth is worried. She tempts him to spend some time with the family this evening; the boys had been asking when he would have time for them. When Jill turns up wanting to talk, David makes his excuses and evades her.
  • Psst, Jamie! What? Why is Lynda crouching under the lych gate? The clue is in the binoculars. Jamie’s initial reaction was typical of a teenager; nevertheless, when he is shown the peregrine chick being fed with shredded blackbird he is duly impressed. He must go now; he is en route to The Bull.
  • Jill can at least talk to Ruth. She had thought they had turned the corner, that the shadows were beginning to lift but now Ruth cannot get through to him at all. How can she tell him he is still a good man? Jill doesn’t know, but somehow they have to sort this out.
  • Jolene had summoned Jamie by text to talk about his shifts. Business is a bit slack and she cannot afford to keep him on for both days just now. So his Sunday shift is safe but she will not need him on Saturdays until trade picks up in the summer – by which time, as it happens, his exams will be over – what a happy coincidence. The message is sweetened with a bacon sandwich which, Jamie notes ungraciously, The Bull can still afford!

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