Roy’s ideas about the falconry get a fair hearing.

Radio Times: Jazzer is keen to develop international relations, and Hayley puts Roy in an awkward position.

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  • Roy has had a day off but is impressed to find that Elizabeth, batteries charged from her own time off, has forged ahead and sorted several issues. A throw-away remark by Hayley puts Roy on the spot: he had held off talking to Elizabeth about the falconry, not wishing to throw too much at her all at once. Now she bristles rather defensively.
  • Brian and Jennifer are planning to visit prep schools, initially without Ruairidh. Adam wonders how he will take to the idea of boarding but Brian is sure that if he doesn’t like it, he won’t go.
  • Jazzer has a plan. He has noticed that the newly arrived Polish fruit pickers keep themselves to themselves. He suggests that Adam invites some locals along when he takes them out on trips. His motive? He admits there is one lassie in particular he would like to get to know. Adam decides they can make their own decisions about how much they want to integrate.
  • As they walk round the falconry facilities, Roy enthusiastically reveals his research. There are repairs needed but the estate staff think they can do them mainly with materials already in stock. If they revamp the flying days and update the website, which Roy will do, he feels they can pull it round; they will need a year’s breathing space. He suggests talking to Jessica about marketing – which Nigel never did. Elizabeth encourages him never to be afraid to make suggestions, even if it feels like criticising what has been done in the past. Everything Elizabeth values is at Lower Loxley so she is determined to make it successful.

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