Roy tells Mike he and Hayley are looking for their own place. Sophie Barlow – David’s former fiancé turns up out of the blue and impresses David rather more than Ruth.

Radio Times: David has a blast from the past.

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  • Mike has even run out of his milk because he’s been passing the spares out as loss leaders. He’s really pleased with how the dairy is going. Hayley sees it as an opportunity for Roy to have a chat with him about their plans.
  • David is still whining about going to the Promises auction. And Ruth has a go about him leaving the tree house for Sam to finish. It’s obviously going to be a fun evening!
  • Roy does have the chat with his Dad. Mike isn’t all that surprised. They don’t need to worry about him. He can’t expect them to stay with him forever. If they want to get their own place, they should go ahead and do it.
  • Life at the Promises auction doesn’t get any better. Ruth is still very unhappy. But things change when, out of the past, Sophie Barlow appears! They haven’t seen each other since Jethro’s funeral in 1987. David is rather bowled over. Ruth rather less so. Suddenly David seems more interested in the fund raising – especially the lunch on Friday.

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