Ed helps out a bit more at Grange Farm but Oliver is getting very tired. Kirsty gets fed up with Sam and walks out.

Radio Times: Ed gets back in the saddle.

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  • David has still not got round to finishing the tree house – the kids are back at school in a week so there won’t be any point if he doesn’t get a move on. David is surprised to find Kirsty has stayed over but Ruth says that’s not the same as moving in.
  • Oliver is absolutely exhausted and Caroline has had enough. It can’t go on. But Oliver thinks it’s just a question of getting into a new routine. Fortunately Ed turns up and offers to turn the cows out so Oliver can have a proper nap. Caroline tries to convince him to get someone in to do some of the early milkings but Oliver isn’t convinced.
  • Oliver and Kirsty are caught “borrowing” some mushrooms by Ed. It’s good to see him back working with the cows but he’s still not looking good.
  • David was top scorer against Loxley Barrett. But he’s finally off to finish the tree house – with a bottle and a couple of glasses in hand! He’s having trouble fitting in the Promises Auction. But they’ve got time for some “play” in the tree house. Sam comes across them and is less than impressed – and not keen on seeing Kirsty’s DVD of the holiday either. She’s also less than impressed and walks out.

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