Ruth can’t get the truth out of Eddie. Neil can’t get the truth out of Sid.

Radio Times: Ruth does some detective work.

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  • Cricket fever seems to have the whole of Ambridge in its grasp. Shula can think of nothing but cricket teas, enlisting Jill to help with cake baking. Neil if fretting over his place in the team for Saturday’s league match, Alistair is rounding up the players for nets and Sid is, as usual, sour about team members, especially Tom, who might be their star player, but doesn’t come to nets.
  • Sid’s also sour about the Bull. Fallon can’t work tonight because she’s going out with Ed again. Neil warns Sid about Ed, as if Sid needed it. After nets the players have a drink at the Bull, but it looks as though Neil hasn’t got a place in the team after all. His efforts to get Sid to name the team are in vain.
  • Utterly unconvincingly, Ruth tells Eddie they need to prepare for a Quality Assurance inspection, and she grills him about his routine in the milking parlour. To her fury, she can’t find out what it is that makes him a better milker than her. When Eddie mentions Ruth’s grilling to David, he gives an equally unconvincing account.

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