Jennifer reaches a decision. Nigel has grand designs.

Radio Times: Peggy gives in to her maternal instinct.

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  • Lilian has agreed to look after Jack while Peggy and Jennifer go to Chelsea. At first Jack is agitated, and Peggy worried, but he soon settles, and enjoys lunch with Lilian at the Bull. Nigel tells them about his research into Great-Uncle Rupert’s life, and soon Jack is off on a train of slightly muddled wartime reminiscences.
  • Peggy asks Jennifer whether she’s come to any decision about Ruaridh, and Jennifer says she realises that if she wants Brian and their life together, she must accept the child. She’s worried about Brian, who looks exhausted and distressed. Peggy is full of admiration for Jennifer’s sense of duty, and pledges her support.
  • Nigel shows Elizabeth his ideas for a memorial to Great-Uncle Rupert, but Lizzie thinks them too elaborate. She suggests asking Lewis to design something. Lizzie has spoken to Siobhán’s mother, who says Siobhán is very weak, and that Elizabeth must come quickly if she is to see Siobhán.
  • Peggy returns to find Jack asleep. When he wakes, he has forgotten that she’s been out. Lilian wonders how Peggy copes day to day. But Peggy has had a lovely day, and is grateful for Lilian’s help.

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