Jennifer announces her decision. Lynda announces a new arrival.

Radio Times: It’s decision time for Brian and Jennifer.

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  • Jennifer oversleeps after her day at Chelsea, and comes down to find Brian nagging Alice about revision, and then carping at Jenny’s ideas for the garden. But he does admit that Alice is clever.
  • Her imminent 60th birthday fills Lynda with gloom, and she won’t hear of any celebrations. When Alice arrives she asks why there is only one llama out. Lynda goes to check up on Constanza, and to her amazement, finds her with a newborn calf. They are all delighted, and Robert sees it as a marketing opportunity for the B and B. Alistair is summoned to check on it, and once they are reassured that all is well, Lynda adopts Robert’s suggestion of Salieri as a name. Alice rings Adam to insist that he and Jennifer come over to see the baby.
  • Jennifer brings Adam his coffee and says she had a wonderful day at Chelsea, despite Peggy’s lecture. Somehow everything is back in perspective. She asks Adam how he would feel if Ruairidh came to live there, and Adam tells her what Ian said about his own mother’s death. Any misgivings Adam might have are as nothing compared to that little boy losing his mother.
  • Siobhán’s mother rings Brian to say that Siobhán is much worse, and has only a few days to live. Jennifer offers to book his flight and take him to the airport. And then comes the news that really stuns Brian; Jennifer will take Ruairidh when the time comes. Brian is moved to tears.

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