Ambridge is through to the next round of the cricket but David has a reality check when Ruth tells him about Siobhán.

Radio Times: Reality bites for David and Ruth.

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  • Brian has called and Siobhán is just sleeping more and more with more morphine. Elizabeth is on her way. Adam thinks Jennifer is being extraordinary. But she’ll be there to watch the cricket.
  • The cricket tea is going to be huge – a typical Archers catered event. They will keep the team inside and stuff them until they beg for mercy. Just as well because David was out straight away again. But they managed to win through to the next round.
  • It is noticed that Brian is going to be away for their 31st anniversary. But Jennifer manages to brush it off.
  • When David gets back from the cricket, Ruth tells him about Siobhán and that there is no hope. Ruairidh is younger than Ben. It must be awful. Now David feels guilty for not being there for Brian. He must have been going through hell. They wonder what is going to happen to Ruairidh – surely Jennifer won’t take him. But David will be able to ask Elizabeth tomorrow, she isn’t flying out til Tuesday. The cricket doesn’t seem so important anymore

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