Mike’s van has been spotted where it shouldn’t be. Fallon has offered to help Ed out with the milking!

Radio Times: Fallon joins in with the boys.

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  • Nigel tells David he thinks Brian is going to take Ruairidh. They will do their best to help him settle in. Ruth is shocked.
  • Ruth is still incredibly anxious about why Eddie’s milking is better than hers! She drops in on Eddie but she still can’t work out what the difference is. But compared to Siobhán, it doesn’t matter at all.
  • Lilian is still struggling with her dancing lessons. She needs more practise and Mike suggests other partners but he is the only one that can keep her secret. And then it’s turned out that Eddie has spotted his van where it shouldn’t be.
  • Fallon has got some tickets for a concert but Ed hadn’t realised it was in Birmingham. He’ll never have time! Til Fallon offers to help….. How difficult can it be.

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