Siobhán is very doped up now and didn’t really know Elizabeth. Alice’s exams finish on 11 June.

Radio Times: Robert and Lynda celebrate in style.

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  • Lynda’s special birthday starts with breakfast in bed and then a picnic lunch. All done on a budget. And her present is a photograph of Lynda with Salieri. Then Robert produces champagne and a special dinner. He knows when it’s worth pushing the boat out.
  • Adam is coping without Brian but he’s very busy. Alice is getting surprised how long Brian is away, especially on their anniversary. Maybe he’ll bring back something special from Ireland…. Alice is getting fed up with her revising anyway but Jennifer is proud of her. It shows great strength of character. Still, it will all be over on the 11th then it will be party party party.
  • Siobhán is very sleepy and confused. Ruairidh is clearly getting worried about what is wrong with her. But she isn’t really awake enough to understand. Elizabeth has visited but Siobhán was really too doped up to notice. Brian really wants Jennifer to be part of Ruairidh’s life.

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