Ruth’s mum is finding it difficult to cope without Solly – so is Ruth.

Radio Times: Not exactly a joyful noise.

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  • Kenton is up to his old tricks distracting the builders at the stables with silly jokes. Claims it was for the cyber café which doesn’t help. He’s been trying to approach Shula’s clients for investments! Kenton thinks real money would look better on the business plan – the one he’s been writing on the computer and mucking up Shula’s settings. He tries to pull on the heartstrings by claiming that the café is so he can send proper money to support Meriel. Shula doesn’t look like she’s buying though. Phil is equally surprised to find out that Kenton is planning on joining the Christmas carol singing.
  • David is still working on a marketing strategy for Hassett Hills whereas Tom is already starting to sell his Christmas sausages. The shop is doing okay but there isn’t much profit in it or the milk. David is hoping the producer group might help. Kirsty is trying to convince Tom he wants to join the carol singing. He’s not keen but he’ll go along as long as he can have a drink first.
  • Caroline has joined the carols at the expense of the Italian class and now she’s wondering if Oliver has gone on his own. Shula is wondering if she might be menopausal which doesn’t impress Caroline at all. Caroline will just have to talk to Oliver about it.
  • Heather is still finding it difficult to cope on her own. She remembers how much Solly used to do when the washing machine broke. She still doesn’t want to come down to Ambridge though. She has to get used to coping on her own. Trouble is, Ruth is still missing him too.
  • Phil is disappointed with the way the carols have gone. They really want some more people. But at least Linda didn’t turn up! They need more men.

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