Jennifer is less than happy about Brian’s apparent drunken night away.

Radio Times: It will not wash with Jennifer.

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  • Jennifer is not over impressed that Brian got so drunk on Friday he didn’t get home. These Borchester Land meetings are getting worse. At least at the last meeting Brian made some sort of sense, this time he was just stuttering and burbling. Jennifer will have to have a word with Matt Crawford. Brian will have to make it up to her by being around a bit more this week. Especially on Wednesday for Brian’s birthday.
  • Elizabeth tells Debbie Siobhán has had the baby. Debbie thinks it must be tough for Siobhán. Perhaps she’ll drop by to see her. Elizabeth thinks it might be a good idea for Debbie to ring first. Debbie will spread the word anyway. Perhaps Jennifer could have a birth, marriages and death section on the website. But at least Simon is okay. Debbie thought it might be awkward but he is back to his usual self.
  • Simon and Jeanette are meeting up again but it’s all perfectly innocent (?). He can’t meet up when he’s got lunch with the in laws. But maybe Friday would be good – or perhaps sooner.
  • Brian is keen to know what is going on with Ruairidh. Everything is fine. Ruairidh is good. She just spent most of the day watching him. Brian wishes he could be there. He can’t get away and he just wants to be with her. Elizabeth is looking after her but Brian wants to do it. It’s very difficult. Siobhán is obviously very tired when Elizabeth drops by but she just can’t put Ruairidh down.
  • Simon took delight in telling Jennifer that the baby has been born. Maybe Brian should send a card – he is a colleague after all. But maybe Simon misunderstood. Things are still very tense and Jennifer is less than happy. Simon wants to drink a toast to him and Debbie – to new beginnings.

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