All’s fair in love and – fatherhood?

Radio Times: One thing leads to another.

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  • Seven thirty in the morning and Jennifer is still furious about the way Brian behaved last night. Brian is in a tearing hurry – no time for breakfast or this whole ‘deal’ could be scuppered. He’ll call an outraged (What deal?) Jenny later when he knows how long he’ll be.
  • At least Simon is treating his woman right this morning – breakfast in bed, no less! But he has to rush off for an early meeting, and will, as Debbie already knows, be late home tonight.
  • Siobhán is bonding with her new son as Brian arrives to eulogise too. He is rather aghast to learn that mother and baby will be discharged at lunchtime, but pleased that he will be able to take them home.
  • Ready for going home, they check and double check the baby’s position in the car seat and Brian let’s fly at a speeding motorist who appears unaware that his new son is in the car.
  • Jenny catches up with Debbie in the calf shed and quizzes her about Brian’s current frame of mind. She could almost believe he was going through the male menopause if there was such a thing … (of course there is!) Debbie thinks it’s a bit late for that, but he might be worried about approaching 60 – it’s his 59th birthday next week. And Simon – well, he’s close to the age for a mid-life crisis.
  • Back at the flat, Brian helps Siobhán with the usual baby tasks and practises ‘baby speak’! She is very tired and suffering from stabs of post-natal pain. He won’t mind at all her having a nap after they’ve dressed and fed Ruairidh.
  • Simon’s ‘overtime’ includes telling Jeanette that however important she is to him, he can’t let it destroy his marriage. She agrees to cool off for a while, and look forward to the time when they can start up again. Simon says that he is lucky – he gets more out of his marriage than she does. Jeanette says she has always come a poor second to Sandy’s career. That’s why it was so wonderful to meet Simon, who really enjoys her company. He affirms that he is always relaxed with her and they share a few last kisses before his departure.
  • Brian is feeling as if all this is a dream. Both he and Siobhán wish it could stay like this forever – they can’t imagine being any happier. Brian’s mobile shatters the peace. Jenny doesn’t think it sounds like him. Where on earth is he? When’s he coming home? In great haste he states he’s not coming home, not now, maybe later – no, tomorrow. He’ll explain then. Conveniently, Ruairidh only wakes as he cuts Jenny off, and he tells Siobhán that he can be there all night with her and their little boy – ahhhh … !

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