Ruth’s still coming to terms with the news and Neil’s thinking about getting out of strawberries.

Radio Times: Always look on the bright side.

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  • Ruth’s at Glebe Cottage – Shula’s lending her some book on nutrition that she bought when Daniel was ill, a good diet can’t hurt, can it? She reveals that Bunty, Mark’s mother, had breast cancer twenty years ago and got over it.
  • Neil’s helping the haymaking at Bridge Farm (where they moan a little about David nipping off early). He and Tony are discussing the strawberries and while their quality is not in doubt, Neil’s not sure if he wants to compete with the supermarkets any more.
  • Later, in the pub, Sid wants to talk to Tony, but he doesn’t really see himself as an Agony Uncle. Sid’s obviously getting lots of grief from Kathy – perhaps they can chat another time.
  • Lizzie returns the satchell to Jennifer – who reminisces a bit, particularly about Adam.
  • David returns home to find Ruth in floods of tears. Everyone’s being very positive and, while David suggests that that is the best way to fight it, she’s getting more than a little upset by it – why is no-one wishing to give voice to the other possibilities? Why is no-one being honest enough to say that she could die?