Badgers at the strawberries, the village decides to head to Blackpool and old 45s at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: The ayes have it.

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  • First pigs, now badgers – Mike and Neil’s pick-your-own strawberries are doomed to be the comedy relief for the village. Brenda suggests that, to follow up last year’s Strawberry Princess, maybe the animals are just the gimic to draw the punters in – Bridget the Badger, perhaps?! Neil, though, is unconvinced.
  • At Lower Loxley, Nigel’s got down Camilla’s old record player and is playing the twins old 45s – including The Singing Nun and Puff the Magic Dragon – they love it! The discs were in a satchel that Lewis found in Arkwright Hall. It had the name “Elizabeth Archer” on it – not Lizzie, but maybe Jennifer – that’s her middle name.
  • In the village hall a disappointingly small number of people turn out to discuss the village’s millennium day-trip idea. Peggy seems set on Chatsworth House, but the concensus is somewhere that has something for everyone: Poole, Alton Towers, Ibiza and Weston are decried and Peggy’s disheartened and dismayed (and why she can’t take herself to Chatsworth is unclear) as the assembled throng vote in favour of Blackpool!