Kathy’s still not in a forgiving mood and Clarrie tears Eddie off a strip for not pulling his weight.

Radio Times: Kathy is hurt by grouting.

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  • Clarrie tries to apologise to Kathy for keeping quiet, but Kathy is still not really in the mood for accepting apologies. She feels badly let down by her “friends”. She’s also not letting up against Sid, distinctly unhappy that Jolene’s DIY requirements were more important than those about the pub.
  • Lizzie’s over at Brookfield, summoned by Jill. She hopes it’s to talk about her inheritence and launches into another of her “I won’t be hard done by another of David and Ruth’s hair-brained schemes” routines only for Jill to abruptly shut her up and reveal Ruth’s news. Perhaps their petty squabbles can be put to one side for a while and the family can worry about something that is important now?
  • Ruth’s mother arrives and she and Jill praise Ruth for her stoic strength. A neighbour of Heather’s went through the same thing a few years ago, it was unpleasant at the time, but she’s right as rain now. The family will help her through it.
  • Eddie’s munching crisps and drinking beer in front of kids’ TV and Joe’s sealed in his room again. Clarrie has had enough, she’s sick of people’s sympathy and Eddie’s pleas that he is doing his best are scorned at. They’ve a teenager and a pensioner to support and Clarrie is sick of doing it all herself. She accuses Eddie of having lost all pride in himself and, Joe having been drawn out by the racket, agrees – there’s none left for them.