Ruth tells Phil and Jill in the programme’s 13,000th episode.

Radio Times: Jill jumps to the wrong conclusion.

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  • Ruth’s on the phone to her mum having broken the news and she’s coming for a visit immediately. They’re planning to break the news this afternoon – while at Brookfield for a Father’s Day lunch.
  • Mike and Neil have managed to dredge a little good from the sows having destroyed their first crop of strawberries. They’re giving people that do turn vouchers when they actually return to buy some and Mike wants to make a feature of the pigs – after all, everything needs a gimic these days. Neil’s affirming his lack of blame, though and Mike’s a little apologetic for keeping going about it.
  • Smalltalk over the Brookfield dinner table surrounding Hasset Hills lamb and Simon and Debbie’s surprise decision to go to Canada for a holiday on Tuesday are stopped when Ruth goes quiet and reveals that she has some news. Jill jumps in saying that she knows – Ruth’s pregnant. Which, of course, she isn’t. Phil and Jill are shocked by the news, but are immediately consoling and supportive, offer any help they can whenever it’s wanted. A little space is all David requests at this point.