Sid and Kathy start to play dirty and Ruth gets the worst possible news.

Radio Times: Diagnosis.

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  • Kathy’s packing – although not to leave, just getting rid of anything that Sid’s bought her. She’s also raking through all of his excuses, like going to the cash and carry and it taking three times as long as normal, and the mobile phone getting lots of wrong numbers. She’s not convinced that there are many peices to pick up.
  • “Ambridge Organics” is fast becoming the favourite name for the new shop. Meanwhile Clarrie’s mind is on Edward and his large row with Eddie. (One bright light – William passed his driving test.)
  • Mike’s been on the radio to make a bit of mileage over the pigs. Neil’s not happy – Mike’s publicly laid the blame at his door. He’s moaning about it to Sid – when Kathy delivers his lunch and is distinctly abrupt with him. After all, he was one of the ones that knew but didn’t tell. Does Sid know how mortified she felt? They continue to bicker and Sid mentions Dave Barry. Kathy’s having none of that and eventually brings up the week that she and Jamie were away. Sid confirms that Jolene stayed over and Kathy’s stunned that Jolene slept in her bed.
  • Meanwhile Ruth is receiving news of an altogether more serious kind. The lump in her breast is cancerous and has spread enough that the oncologist recommends a mastectomy. This could be done within a month and reconstruction can be done simultaneously. She tries to reassure that 70% survive to five years, but Ruth’s not really listening. David’s trying to be stoic and supportive, but later, in the car park, Ruth shows that she hadn’t taken the news well. She’s talking about not seeing her young children grow up, although David tries to console her and instill some fight – after all she’s young, fit and they have caught it reasonably early.