The pigs destroy the PYO and Edward storms out on his family.

Radio Times: Ed develops an unhealthy interest.

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  • Preperations are well advanced for the Pick Your Own – bouncy castles, pets corner, refreshments – but all of that is rather secondary when three of Neil’s sows escape and make a pig of themselves with the first crop of strawberries. Mike blames Neil, Neil denies responsibility and in the midst of the chaos Brenda wonders if there’s a story in the carnage, maybe Wayne Foley will come and interview the strawberry eating pigs?
  • Eddie’s installed in front of kids’ TV and Joe’s in his room. Over tea normal family life is most certainly not evident. Edward, having had the ferrets’ demise explained by them having escaped, finds out and is clamouring to know how Joe killed them and is then appaled when he finds out. He’s still camped in the front room but when Eddie’s fury with his reaction to the lump hammer boils over, he’s ordered to return to the room he shared with Joe, but refuses to. He storms out and leaves a furious Eddie and a tearful Clarrie in his wake.