Grange Farm is on the market and Joe’s failing fast.

Radio Times: “This desirable plot….”

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  • Peggy’s on a tour canvassing for opinions on a village day trip somewhere – although the EuroStar to Paris for the day seems to be a nice idea, but too long for one day.
  • Shula’s visiting her mum while Alistair is being interviewed by a social worker – Jill confides that she thinks Ruth is pregnant again.
  • Jill receives the details for Grange Farm through from the estate agents – three hundred thousand pounds! – and via Peggy, this news makes it’s way to Home Farm and two surprised pairs of ears. Neither Brian nor Debbie had heard. Debbie, furious, rings Matt Crawford who slimes and intimates that that was the plan all along.
  • Joe’s sitting in the churchyard, talking to his Susan, when first Shula and than Jack check to see how he is feeling. Even the news of Grange Farm going on the market doesn’t rally him. He just sits there quietly, fretting about their new life at home. A new life full of shouting and arguments. He’s especially sad that his killing the ferrets doesn’t seem to have helped matters. He’s got no ideas left as to what he can do.