Ruth’s worried ahead of her results, Eddie’s worried for his Dad and Kathy cries on Pat’s shoulder.

Radio Times: Two wrongs do not make a right.

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  • Ruth’s doing the milking when Neil arrives. Far from being grateful for the help, he just sees it as another example of his being a dogsbody with no respect due. Jill delivers a cup of tea, and when Ruth stomps off in a tearful tizzy, comments that she could do with a good holiday …
  • Eddie’s in bed, ill … beer and curry ill, of course. Clarrie fails to drag him off to Bridge Farm where he was due to work. Neil’s there, though, still complaining about Ruth’s treatment of him. He’s getting used to being picked on, as Pat asks him how long he knew about Sid and Jolene – she’s off to chat to Kathy. (She suggests to Tony that he might go and talk to Eddie.)
  • At the Bull Kathy’s not pleased to see Pat, but when it becomes clear that Pat didn’t know about Sid and Jolene, Kathy’s grateful for the support. She’s trying to be brave for Jamie’s sake, but he knows something’s up and she’s not sure that Sid can be believed when he says it’s over. Pat’s sympathetic and suggests that, while she’s upset now, some broken marriages can be mended.
  • Ruth’s still furious with Neil, she’s been out for a very long walk, it’s a manifestation of her worrying about her results and David’s being there for her – offering to be there to be shouted at the next time she needs it!
  • Tony finds Eddie staring into a pint at a dingy dive in Borchester. He suggests that hitting the bottle is not the way, after all, he should know – look at his father. That, it seems is the problem. Eddie and Joe have always been the person that the other turned to, only Eddie can’t get a thing out of him at the moment and if he can’t, where’s the hope?