Ruth has her examination and Sid and Kathy are still on very rocky ground.

Radio Times: Ruth goes it alone.

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  • Ruth decides that she’s going to go for her breast examination on her own. It’s only the tests today, but she will want David with her when she collects the results. Apart from anything else, this would make it less suspicious to Phil and Jill who would notice both of them being absent. Later, she returns, having been proded, poked, scanned and had a needle take a sample. The results will be ready on Friday – and she’d rather not go away to Scarborough for her birthday as they’d planned, she’d rather (whatever the results) be with the family over the weekend.
  • Pat’s been buying tables for the shop (and arranging for the Environmental Health to visit), she’s been discussing the possible name, “Ambridge Organics” is Tony’s choice and he doesn’t like “Organic Delights” …. Clarrie wants an early lunch, she wants to visit the Bull to see if she still has a job and it’s obvious that Pat and Tony haven’t heard about the fracas.
  • The atmosphere is still heavy in the Bull. Sid’s phoned Jolene to cancel the line dancing classes and to tell her that it’s all over, that Kathy knows everything. Kathy’s not really interested in hearing what Jolene said in response. Clarrie enters at this point and Kathy can barely conceal her almost contempt. She starts to apologise for Eddie, but Kathy is pleased that he had the courage to say it and asks her how long she’d known for? Kathy storms out, pointing out that she’d thought Clarrie was her friend. Sid apologises for his actions and they talk about how long Clarrie had known and she reveals that it was Fallon (and then Emma, Edward, Susan) that had spread the news. Sid’s not sure about the future, but the pub must continue, so her job is safe for the moment.
  • Back at Bridge Farm, Tony (who’s been trying and failing to ring Eddie) passes on a message about work and they ask Clarrie what had gone on. She tells them the whole story – joe and the ferrets, edward’s smashing time, Kathy getting angry, everything. They’re surprised, but Pat’s disappointed too. Kathy’s normally round like a shot to talk things over, but this time she hasn’t called.