Kathy confronts Sid and they consider their situation

Radio Times: Kathy lies in wait.

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  • Sid returns at about 2am and finds his wife propping up the bar. She asks him about the evening, then mentions that she’s spoken to one of the other landlords who, as we know, wouldn’t have been out with Sid. Then she drops Eddie’s bombshell. Initially he tries to blame Eddie’s long standing jealousy, but she had seen everyone’s reactions, Neil and Betty and Clarrie all trying to shut him up, to know that his protests are not true and demands he have the good grace to admit it. He does so, claiming first that it had only been the last few weeks, but she gets the truth from him – that it started before Christmas.

    Six months of deceit.

    He tries to explain about enjoying being chased, but she’s remembering the lies – the car breaking down, the leopard skin hat, all those late nights from the gym. She feels sickened by the thought that most of the village knew before she did and she’s conscious of the humiliation of how she found out, but mostly she’s thinking of Jamie and how much he loves and hero-worships his father.

    Sid tries to explain that Jolene offered him something exciting, that 13 years of marriage had resulted in a sweet, affectionate relationship, but not that special something that he found elsewhere. He admits that he loves Jolene and that he’s tried (and failed) to finish it a few times but, despite the ignominy of the village’s pity, Kathy doesn’t sling him out on his ear tonight. She wants Jamie to not realise anything is wrong.

    Sid might have lost the respect of the community and possibly his marriage and business, but at least for tomorrow, although he’ll sleep in the spare room, she wants Jamie to not know. After that, she hasn’t a clue.

    A stunning piece of writing and performing. A two hander with real feeling. A genuinely contrite Sid with an apoplectic Kathy, neither believing the other one’s situation – Sid not understanding her knowing, she not understanding his adultery. For the first time, his empty attempts to end it now standing in stark relief against the harsh real knowledge of what his behaviour will cost him.