Joe offs the ferrets and Eddie tells Kathy a home truth.

Radio Times: Joe takes matters into his own hands.

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  • Sid’s birthday dawns at The Bull with Kathy bringing him a cup of tea, she fancies snuggling down, but he’s off for his run soon (and Jamie’s due to deliver the card he’s been spending lots of time making) so that will have to wait …
  • Clarrie and Eddie are leaving for Ambridge, Eddie’s prevaricating, worried about the look of Peggy, one of the ferrets. Joe’s staying home and takes her over – Clarrie’s not going to wait for Eddie if it’s only a ferret-related problem. After they leave, Joe coos at her, saying it’s no surprise that she’s looking peaky – none of them are enjoying their new home. With a calm, soothing voice, he goes in search of a hammer and then, apologetically, uses it on her, gently but surely.
  • With Sid off out for the night, Betty’s working in the bar and is digging about why he’s off out on their busiest night of the week, but Sid’s showing off his birthday presents and doesn’t notice.
  • Eddie arrives home and finds Joe, still in his dressing gown, with three dead ferrets on the table. Utter shock from the son, but serenity from the father – after all, their continued presence here was tearing Clarrie apart, so what else could he do?
  • In the Bull, Neil and Betty are talking about Mike’s recent radio interview plugging the pick your own as Eddie, still shaking, comes in looking for a large scotch. They seek out Clarrie who, initially rails at him for driving after drinking then havind heard the story, having heard that Joe’s on his own, for leaving him there. While they’re trying to sort out how to get Eddie back, there’s a smashing noise from outside. Apparently Bert saw Edward (and others) throwing stones at bottles – and hitting a window. Kathy’s angry at Eddie and Clarrie for not having acted despite having been warned several times by her and Sid – can’t they control their family? Eddie, still shocked, can’t take this and asks about her family. Kathy’s confused by this, but Eddie (with the others trying to shut him up) asks where Sid is? And then he tells her, shagging Jolene Rogers, that’s where.