The Grundys’ arguments just get more vicious: Clarrie lays down an ultimatum, the ferrets or her.

Radio Times: There is no early reprieve for the Grundys.

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  • Pat’s off to an auction (where she eventually buys two chiller display cabinets for the shop, she’s also found a local, organic producer of free range eggs) but is worried about Clarrie, who was in floods of tears earlier at the thought of staying in their flat for too long. This, after a phone call to the council, is a real possibility as they are no longer a priority as they are no longer homeless.
  • Eddie, Joe and Clarrie are driving home along country roads and Eddie’s lunatic driving is not pleasing Clarrie. She spots Edward near the Bull and, embarrassingly, drags him home to be under her supervision. not loitering in the car park.
  • Back at home, a note tells them that they missed an appointment with the landlord’s rep, which doesn’t please Clarrie. While she’s turned down the job in Pat and Tony’s Borchester shop because she’d prefer to work in Ambridge, she does reveal that they might have to stay in the flat for a little longer that they’d hoped. But with Joe still being very quiet, Edward being the normal thoughtless teenager and Eddie taking a principled stand against getting rid of his ferrets, she is driven to absolute distraction. As she gets angry and tearful, she warns Eddie that his principles might end up costing him dear as it’s going to be a choice: his ferrets or her.