Eddie’s not repentent and Brian’s amused by yesterday’s curry incident.

Radio Times: Debbie cannot see the joke.

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  • Eddie’s doing some work at Brookfield and tells about his contretemps with Debbie and Simon yesterday, Phil and David are amused, but Eddie’s not worried about his subsequent sacking/resignment – he’s a farmer!
  • At the Home Farm barbecue, the Hasset Hills mintburgers are providing a talking point, Brian’s not keen, but David not only enjoys them, he can see the profits in marking up the scrag ends of the meat!
  • Lynda’s still going on about her newly found adherence to Feng Shui and the re-designing of her slife to allow the free flow of Chi, the lifeforce. To most it’s a source of hildarity, but she starts to boast that her hayfever is abated because of it and it can do similar things to more serious conditions. Ruth makes her excuses and leaves, utterly unable to cope with Lynda’s rubbish (but amused when her sneezing returns!)
  • Brian gets to hear about the curry incident too and is very amused and, almost strangely, Ruth especially joins in with the laughter, but Debbie can’t see what’s so funny.