Bridge Farm is on the up and Eddie delivers a curry to Simon and Debbie.

Radio Times: Eddie makes a special delivery.

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  • Bridge Farm is really starting to work hard to get ready for the shop – Tony seems to be working harder than ever (and Pat’s a little guilty, the shop was her idea), but Tony’s not complaining, their early transformation to organic has been proven particularly prophetic. They discuss offering a job in the shop to Clarrie, it’s closer to home, after all. She’s in a hurry and asks to think about it.
  • In the car home with Eddie (stuck in traffic on the bypass, commented that it was built on land sold by Matt Crawford) she tells him that she doesn’t want to take it – it might be more convenient, but it would mean working for Helen! She’s still worried about the ferrets, although Eddie’s more concerned with his having to spend another night delivering curries.
  • Simon is still a happily-married newly wed and he promises to behave tomorrow at a BBQ at Home Farm and not to wind Brian up. Their decide to unwind an exhausting day with a takeaway and, wouldn’t you know, it’s a curry and Eddie arrives. Debbie’s confused (not knowing about his new rôle) but he’s quick to bring up her interest in Grange Farm and excuse her of conspiring with Brian. She’s not taking that criticism, but he’s on a roll, comparing their plush flat with his own abysmal new address. He’s getting quite worked up and Simon’s not happy with his anger. The curry ends up getting dropped messily in the hall and Eddie stomps off.