Lizzie’s recovering, Lynda’s still moving things around and Jill is barking up the wrong Ruth-related tree.

Radio Times: Jill jumps to the wrong conclusion.

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  • Lynda’s continued re-arrangement of the furniture means that Robert, getting up in the middle of the night, ends up stubbing toes, hitting knees and not being able to open his wardrobe any more. This orientation should stimulated the love zone, but he’s not feeling particularly amorous! Perhaps this experiment, as with the aromatherapy, will dry up soon … although not soon enough for Robert!
  • Lizzie’s been ordered to rest, but Tim’s assured her that it was nothing heart-related – just the natural tiredness from being a mother of twins and having a busy week at Lower Loxley (which, now half-term has finished, isn’t so busy today). She’s also worrying that the twins aren’t developing quickly enough and Nigel’s got them sitting in cardboard boxes to help them sit up! Jill manages to drag Phil away before he mentions anything that might strain her …
  • Sid’s enjoying a little football session with Jamie and Kathy’s enjoying watching them. He didn’t go to the gym today, but as him original motivation was to get fit to play with his son, that doesn’t seem such a problem. He admits he’s been getting a little obsessive lately. He apologises (again) for not being around for his birthday on Friday and promises that the three of them will do something on Sunday.
  • Phil and Jill go to the Bull for a quiet drink – preparing for his retirement – and he plans to play dominos in the corner like Uncle Tom used to! Jill’s noticed Ruth’s tired and recent exhaustion and thinks she knows the reason …. it’s obvious, isn’t it? She’s pregnant again …