Ruth’s worried about next week’s appointment and Lizzie collapses at Lower Loxley.

Radio Times: Phil has had enough.

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  • Ruth’s back to work, but wishes her appointment is sooner. David suggests that, for a combined treat, he take her away to a nice hotel for her birthday next week – and no “what ifs”. Eddie pops up, in the village as much to get out of the flat as to go help Neil. David, knowing he needs work, offers him some working clearing out Hollertree. Ruth’s a little admonishing – they aren’t running a charity, but he wants to help.
  • Eddie, while helping Neil, is generally offloading feelings. Joe’s struggling and the family are really suffering in the enlosed space of the flat. Neil offers the ferrets a home, but it’s the principle to Eddie. When Neil suggests a pint, Eddie refuses to go to the Bull. Neil admits he’s heard the rumours, but doesn’t believe them – until Eddie tells him that he got the story confirmed by Jolene.
  • Phil wants to talk to Lizzie, but David would prefer he want. After all, it’s been rumbling for a while and a few more weeks isn’t going to matter within the timeframe of a few lifetimes that their decision will affect. David’s being generally fussy around Ruth and manages to pass it off, jokingly referring to her birthday and her massive old age of 32! As Jennifer arrives to invite them around to a barbeque later in the week, the phone rings. It’s Nigel. Lizzie has collapsed in the caf&eactue; and the doctor is en route …