Ruth steals a few moments to do some thinking – on her own.

Radio Times: Bert shows his competitive side.

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  • David and Bert take a break from examining the sheep for foot rot – to plan some ploughing practice for Bert; a tractor would be handy, so a trip to Grange Farm is called for. Recalling the previous evening, David is still blissfully unaware of the true nature of Ruth’s ‘paperwork’; Bert however thinks it odd that Ruth wasn’t doing it herself anyway.
  • Jennifer is in demand: Tom wants a link on the Ambridge website to his radio ad. Sizzling! Then Lynda calls to request information about the auditions to be added too. She is able to pass on the news about Kirsty splitting up with Sam. Perhaps Alice would be interested in playing Snow White. Lynda had been surprised about Pip’s almost militantly feminist line about the story. Lynda has plans for Lilian too: not as the wicked witch (a rather wicked suggestion from her sister) but the voice in the mirror. Alice declares that she is quite keen to do Snow White.
  • David and Bert were impressed with the way Ed had got the tractor ready and after a bit of practice, Bert knows what he has to do to polish his performance.
  • Ruth is calming down after an overdose of half-term children. David suggests a family outing to support Bert at the ploughing match. It would be nice to do something as a family before half-term is over. Ruth agrees. Let’s go then.

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