Will and Emma are getting on better. David is getting nowhere with Ruth.

Radio Times: Emma feels she’s not alone.

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  • Will has a favour to ask: it will be difficult for him to have George this Thursday because he has a big shoot on – the first of the season. Emma is happy to take responsibility for George. It all seems very amicable; William could even have stayed to put George to bed if he were not so busy.
  • David has half-term blues: the children are getting him down. Ruth is keeping busy with another grand meal, to make things special. David would prefer plainer food if they could spend more time together – but that, of course, is Ruth’s motive. Sam calls with a plea for some help with the herd paperwork; David actually encourages a reluctant Ruth to help Sam after supper.
  • Emma is frightened by a sudden wind and a low moaning noise; the front door is open and she is very glad to see Hayley approaching it. Emma feels that things have not worked out well for her; back at home with her parents, she feels more like a sister to George than his mother. She envies Hayley with plans for a home of her own. But then, Hayley envies her baby.
  • There’s not much paperwork getting done at Sam’s cottage. Sam wants to talk about their new life. They must get away together – with the children, of course – so not very far or their schooling would be disrupted. Ruth is unsure but she cannot deny her feelings for Sam. Sam is very sure that they will make it work; what they have is so special.

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