Scott’s film ambitions are thwarted but Jack’s are more likely to be fulfilled.

Radio Times: Who’s going to be in the movies?

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  • Scott has a part in a film, a psycho thriller, which has been a long time in the formative stage but might now be made. There is one snag: a shortage of cash. Scott thinks Lilian has promised to stump up the necessary big cheque, Lilian is still thinking about it (but not very hard). They had had a row about it before the funeral, which is really why Lilian stayed on in Ambridge. Brian can hardly tear himself away but he has pressing business to attend to.
  • Matt is surprised to receive Brian’s call but is on holiday until Wednesday. However when Brian elaborates on the subject of his call, a meeting is arranged straight away.
  • Lilian urges Scott to tell Jack about his film. She clearly does not want to hear it; she is going to her suite and is not to be disturbed for two hours!
  • Brian explains the problem, as he sees it: Mererid Calder is Chalkman’s wife and stands to gain from his support of the housing development, in which he has not declared an interest. If this comes out it will be seen at least as a conflict of interest and probably as corruption. They have no choice but to pull the plug on the whole scheme. Steady Brian. What if it doesn’t come out? The Borchester Land directors will make half a million each. Matt is not so keen to give this up just because it goes against Brian’s principles.
  • Jack has been unusually observant today about things at Grey Gables which have changed or maybe need attention. He is hatching something. Caroline finally extracts from him what it is. He has had an offer from a TV company to do a documentary on Grey Gables. It could be a great opportunity; he has not committed but he thinks Caroline should consider it.
  • Scott could not wait the two hours, so Lilian is not in the best of tempers and certainly not inclined to part with money for a film in which she has little confidence. That is her last word. Exit actor, stage left, in an almighty huff.

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