Brian uncovers more of the corruption scandal but keeps it quiet

Radio Times: Brian searches his conscience.

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  • Phil is keen to accompany Ruth as she walks the cows: anything to get away from Bert. He is incensed about Joe’s radio broadcasts and Phil reckons he feels that his status as ‘Bard of Borsetshire’ is threatened. On a more serious matter, Phil has to admit to being reassured by Debbie’s good advice about their virus; it has saved them time and money.
  • Brian is edgy. He had a bad night trying to work out where he had come across the name Mererid Calder before.
  • Fallon’s revision is more important to her than Ed’s talk of band practice. She surprises him by annoucing that she is going to college to take A levels.
  • Brian has struck gold. He has discovered amongst his Borsetshire Land papers that Mererid Calder is a director of the parent company and therefore stands to gain by the development. Councillor Chalkman did not declare this interest. Now what does Brian do?
  • At Brookfield, the implications of the drain problem are under discussion: they hope the moves will not be delayed too much. Jill joins Ruth in expressing scepticism about buying cattle via the internet; they will certainly see all the yield figures etc. but how will they judge a cow’s temperament. It is the high tech equivalent of buying a ‘pig in a poke’.
  • Back at Home Farm, Brian has some serious thinking to do, so is not receptive to discussing the Kruger National Park. Jennifer does not want the houses in the village but is very tempted by the huge profit they will bring; they must not be tempted. If Andrew has been giving back-handers, all of the directors are implicated; making a big profit will invite the press to have a field day. There is no going back now that Brenda has exposed some of the truth. Brian impresses on Jennifer the need for secrecy; tell nobody, least of all Brenda.

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