Brenda finds more evidence of corruption but it is not enough for Brian. Christine gets to the roots of her drain problem.

Radio Times: Joe gets earthy.

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  • Brenda has an idea which she thinks can clear her name and makes an appointment to meet Brian; it is not something that can be discussed on the phone.
  • At the Bull, Joe explains to Alistair about Eddie’s latest business venture, concrete garden ornaments. Joe is waiting for Eddie to give him a lift to the Radio Borsetshire studio to do another broadcast. When Scott roars past on his Harley, with Lilian on the back, Joe reveals that he has had a ride on it too. Alistair is envious.
  • Drains may not be everybody’s cup of tea but Christine and Shula need to talk about those at Christine and George’s house. A CCTV examination has shown that the drains have been invaded by tree roots. Not only will the tree have to come down but the kitchen floor will have to come up.
  • Wayne Foley discusses with Joe, on air, some of the listener reaction to ‘Joe’s Jottings’. Not all his listeners are enraptured and today’s reminiscences on Earth Closets are probably not going to win them round.
  • Shula tells Alistair about the drains. He reckons it will cost an arm and a leg and just hopes Christine and George are insured.
  • At the Bull, Brenda reveals to Brian that Councillor Chalkman and Andrew Eagleton used to be directors of the same company about twenty years ago. He is not impressed; it is in the past. Brian admits he is inclined to believe the Jag was a bribe and reveals that there is no love lost between him and his other directors. He is sufficiently interested in Brenda’s research to enquire about the company, Mererid Ltd. There were 3 directors: Eagleton, Chalkman and Chalkman’s wife under her maiden name of Mererid Calder. Brian warns Brenda that she is playing a dangerous game; nevertheless he keeps the paper on which the details are written.

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