Scott is receiving mixed reviews, and Ed’s not as worried about his future as his mother is!

Radio Times: Emma takes a ride.

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  • Clarrie tells Susan that Ed is back but he’s still playing up. The trouble is he is lazy like Eddie. Susan is upset Emma isn’t going to University too. Things are bad for lots of people.
  • Scott is thrilled to have his bike back. It makes up for putting up with Lillian’s family all summer. Peggy doesn’t approve of Scott. Caroline has to tell them that there have been complaints about the noise of the Harley. There have also been complaints about behaviour in the jacuzzi. Lillian points out Caroline’s behaviour may not always have been perfect.
  • Scott is giving Ed and Emma a ride on the Harley while Lillian is in the shop. Susan is disapproving! Emma is embarrassed. She is not a child!
  • Clarrie has a go at Ed. It was awful seeing the welfare officer when he couldn’t be bothered to turn up. He needs to think about the future. Ed says no one has a job for life any more. Maybe the band will get some gigs. Clarrie tells him life is not like that. He is banned from working for Oliver. Ed says he’ll just hang around the streets then.

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