Scott is reunited with his Harley and Ambridge is instantly less boring

Radio Times: Lilian has the key to Scott’s heart.

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  • Lilian and ‘Scotty’ are in bed and he is in a bad mood. He is bored. The idea of lunch at the Bull is not inspiring and a run out in the hire car even less so. Lilian hints that there might be a nice surprise for him later.
  • On the Green, Brenda reports to Joe that there has been a huge response to his broadcast and they want him to do another on Thursday. When Hayley arrives to pick up Emma, Brenda confides that it has saved her bacon; she is getting more respect as a result and no further action will be taken about her confrontation with Councillor Chalkman. But she wants to clear her name. Joe asks Emma if she has seen Ed; he did not come home last night.
  • Ruth is fuming because a motorist has taken out a gate post and six feet of hedge. She is determined to repair it herself. The reason for the mood is the on/off nature of the impending moves. Eventually she agrees to let David repair the damage but is not impressed when she discovers what he has been messing at in the office: he has looked up a livestock trading site on the web. She will buy nothing she has not seen with her own eyes.
  • Joe is at Grey Gables to sign autographs for some Americans – a personal appearance in fact. His comfortable chat on the sofa with Lilian and Scott is interrupted when they dash outside, Lilian first then Scott. Scott’s Harley has arrived. Lilian has had it shipped over from Guernsey. He is not bored any more, he is overjoyed. Joe reckons he has seen everything when he emerges to see Mrs Bellamy roaring down the drive on the back of a motor bike,

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