Oliver and Caroline get closer and Edward is driving his mother to distraction

Radio Times: Embarrassment at the Dower House.

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  • Oliver and Caroline have spent the night together at the Dower House. William is rather embarrassed to find them together. Ed has been working hard for Oliver and has made himself indispensable.
  • Eddie and Ed decide which garden moulds to buy. Clarrie has had a call from the education welfare officer. Eddie and Ed aren’t bothered. Exams don’t matter. But Clarrie thinks he’ll end up exhausted on the land like Bert Fry – 65 this year and nothing to show for it.
  • Oliver and Ed discuss the hours he should work. Ed is still pretending he has no exams.
  • Clarrie is still worried about Ed. He’s gone missing again. She had to go to the school without him. It was very humiliating. She had to say he was missing the exams on purpose. William says he’ll ask Caroline to make Oliver stop employing him. Clarrie needs to come down hard on him or he’ll keep walking all over him.

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