House moves are not going as planned and the wonders of internet shopping are discussed.

Radio Times: Bert takes a difficult step.

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  • Jill, Shula and Chris discuss the foot and mouth crisis. Many farms are still closed. David and Ruth have decided not to move back into the bungalow now the move is so close. Now that Chris has accepted the revised offer, the moves can start at the end of June. Its a pity that the decision on the development hasn’t been made. Jennifer doesn’t seem to know any information. She’s more interested in shopping for South Africa.
  • David and Ruth are still worried about foot and mouth. They are not out of the woods yet. David is wondering whether the herd expansion could go ahead sooner than the Autumn. Even without taking any risks, they could think of buying on the internet. Ruth isn’t so sure.
  • Alistair and Shula measure up for curtains at the stables. But disaster awaits in the kitchen. The drains have backed up again.
  • Jill is unsure about buying on the internet as well. David thinks it’s fine. Millions of transactions happen everyday. If they wait until Autumn, the prices might be too high. Alistair and Shula come to tea and explain about the drains at the Stables. Alistair says there is no chance the move can go ahead until the problem is properly fixed.