Shula and Jill admire the new baby’s photos and Brian stands to make a fortune from the development

Radio Times: Christine lowers her sights.

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  • Shula and Jill are looking at the photos of the new baby – Kenton is such a proud dad – he’d also e-mailed some of the photos. Jill hopes that Kenton can live up to being a father. Any response from Chris and George on Shula’s offer? Their offer was £20,000 less because they will have to repair the roof but Chris and George will still be making a profit. The council have said that Alistair can move his practice to the new house. No more news on the development. Phil comes in just as Shula is leaving. He has hurt his hand at work – Jill takes over.
  • Jennifer is asking Brian how much currency he thinks they should take to South Africa – Brian is not pleased. Why is everyone so bad-tempered, wonders Jennifer. Brian is far too busy to think about SA.
  • Jill is fixing Phil’s hand with a bandage when David comes in – Jill tells him he should be drinking at least 2 litres of liquid (not alcohol!) a day – that’s why I’ve come in! David has to look at Kenton’s photos – the baby has Kenton’s eyes. “Very nice” says David.
  • Brian, still in a very bad mood, says Jenny can eat the sandwich she’s provided. Linda has given her a development poster to put up – Brian is annoyed, but it’s only a joke says Jennifer – they need the money because it’s going to be half a million. As much as that, says Jennifer …

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