Shock horror! Someone at BL is leaking Brian’s secrets.

Radio Times: Pat finds the perfect solution, and Brian is worried about confidentiality.

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  • Jennifer has bumped into Ruth, who looked absolutely exhausted; Brian feels that he doesn’t have the time to be a good neighbour again, now that the Market development is on the move. Kate wants a word, which Brian rightly expects will be expensive: could he pay for Phoebe’s air fare? Roy and Hayley cannot cover it but they are otherwise ok with the plan – more or less!
  • Pat raises the delicate issue of next Wednesday, which Clarrie wants off to see the Duchess; because Vicky cannot cover for Pat, who will be on holiday in Salzburg, Pat wants Clarrie to do the shift on her own. Shame.
  • Brian has arranged a meeting; his target is to have the new market up and running by Christmas. Lilian arrives early and announces that she and Matt will be joining Brian at the Paris Show. How did she know about that? Matt found out! Brian deduces that someone on the BL Board has leaked the news of his trip.
  • Normality having returned, Kathy has come for coffee with Pat. She actually thought about closing the Golf Club for the afternoon on Wednesday: so many people want the day off. The idea appeals to Pat: they will close the dairy for the afternoon; Clarrie is delighted.
  • It turns out that Roy and Hayley have reservations about Phoebe’s South Africa trip. They are concerned about Phoebe missing so much school, so Kate has suggested that Phoebe travels separately for a shorter visit, with an escort, but they are not happy about her travelling alone. Jennifer has some sympathy with Roy and Hayley and advises giving them time.

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