The market development gets the go ahead and Pat smoothes things over with Kathy.

Radio Times: It is the day of reckoning for the Borchester market project and Pat offers an olive branch.

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  • Henry is not short of admirers as Helen stocks up in the shop; as well as Susan, there’s Kathy then Brian, and Pat is coming for lunch. Susan brings up the subject of the market development planning application, to be decided today; Brian is quietly confident.
  • Helen having left her bag in the shop, Susan returns it and warns Pat that Vicky is bent on seeing the Duchess when she visits next week; Pat had hoped that Vicky would cover that day, which she thinks Clarrie also wants off.
  • As they attend the planning meeting, Lilian expresses support for Kate taking Phoebe to SA; Brian will find a way to smooth things over. Matt plans to join them for a celebration afterwards but Brian declines; he will listen at the next board meeting to Lilian’s big ideas for the further development of the site.
  • Pat fears that she has upset Kathy, so arranges to see her; Pat misses talking to her. Kathy thought it best to have a break and so has been staying away. They both agree to get back to normal.

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